Ruby Roses, Ruby Dishes, Ruby Pier

The ivory roses trimmed in red have opened up beautifully. I changed the water once and added food. I’ll definitely turn to Whole Foods when I want long stems from now on. No baby breaths, though. Just accept it, I guess. We had a lovely dinner that night, with the cooked duck from Chinatown and some added Chinese vegetable dishes from a new restaurant in our area- Wild Blossom. Just the name I love.

We’re still celebrating. I made Lobster Fra Diavolo sauce today and made sure my ages-old Avon Cape Cod Collection Cranberry Red plates and matching wine glasses were on the table tonight. I did not things could get any redder.

Yesterday Hoda Kotb on the Today Show announced that author, Mitch Albom would be on the show today. I wanted to watch. Some time ago, I came upon a book of his, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, and had never read it, so I thought I’d start it. I only read the first couple of chapters and one of the scenes took place at a Ruby Pier. I wanted to tell him that I had read this on my ruby anniversary, but I doubt he’d care much. And I actually missed him on Today. Some distraction at the time.

Any good transformations to speak of? I hope I can remember what I wanted to say about this. It was early in the morning, yesterday, and I should have gotten up and recorded my thoughts. It’ll come to me….