Welcome to Legacy Literary Services

Legacy Literary is primarily a proofreading and editing service for you.  It also offers career coaching for writers like you, as well as web critiquing.  We strive to motivate you by providing essential and resolute feedback.  Whether you are a professional who needs to polish a book or a beginner who wants to leave a legacy behind for your family, we have the resources to help you.  Everyone has a story. Even one of the largest organizations in the country, AARP has acknowledged this phenomenon.  At their annual convention in Boston in September, 2007, an unusual capacity crowd filled a ballroom for  a seminar on leaving a legacy behind by writing a book.  Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Angela’s Ashes said, “Writing is not a talent.  It is a ritual of daily practice.”  Publishing is a satisfying reward for the patient and ambitious who are willing to take a seat daily and create.  We recognize and respect the growing interest in writing, not only as a profession but as a passionate hobby also.  However, we want to be sure you have the proper skills to compete.  We are here for you to help and support you throughout your career.  Start to work with us by going into Questions and Services right here on our website.

If you require special assistance with the English language, we make an extra effort to shape your material.