Laura (De)Marco (Osborne)

Dad’s winds made the exceptionally hot summer not just bearable, but so beautiful. I had to come on and thank Dad who is somewhere up there looking out for me.

Then, news of another wind startled me and many of my friends and family. I don’t know if Dad is to be credited with this God-like power, but I seem to have been placed in charge of the upcoming winds in all of the Gulf Coast this week. The tropical storms are named Laura and Marco, both of my names. I only hope this means that I shall “blow everyone away” with the book I have been writing for many years, The Cross of Silvana. Yes, epic book power.

Tonight, Turner Classic Movies is honoring actress, Olivia deHavilland in her 1939 performance in Gone with the Wind, another one of my favorite books. I sit here watching the movie after the worst hail storm I have ever seen in our area.