Emerald Birthday Farewell

This year my May 10th birthday gift went to different charities. I did not need any kind of gem but the wish that my friends and family were all safe and healthy. Since my birthstone is emerald, a set of emerald colored rosary beads that came in the mail from America Needs Fatima delighted me more than anything could. Father Wayne blessed them for me after my trying to connect with him three times that day. I love praying with these beautiful beads with the gold chain and cross and image of the Blessed Mother. This turned out to be the best birthday I ever had, and I needed no fancy restaurant in which to dine, as we usually do on the big day. My husband made me a delicious lobster omelette in the quiet and elegance of our own humble dining room, and many other small blessings were miraculously bestowed upon me the following week.

My daily prayers are first, for all of the victims of the Coronavirus and for their families and friends. I pray that those hospitalized advance to recovery. Secondly, I pray that people all over the world will use common sense in venturing out now that reopening is taking place. It will be very easy to set off another outbreak, something none of us wants.

Two days ago, we lost a brand new emerald green umbrella to the fierce northeast winds, the third in a series of yearly disasters with market umbrellas on our deck. Normally, I get really mad, but this time I smiled to myself. It was only my wonderful dad up there in heaven trying to get my attention. More on that next time…

Thank You

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends, family and associates who have purchased our new book, Getting Through: Tales of Corona and Community. I hope that everyone is enjoying the stories, essays, and poems. I understand that reading books has increased exponentially since the self-isolation and this is wonderful news. I am busy this week preparing a newspaper article to be included in the surrounding Boston towns, about ten or so. Be on the lookout!!