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Not One of Us #79

Published July 2024

Theme: House

“A house can be a peaceful home, but it can also be a death trap. In this, our house issue, we have a dying woman who inherits a house that keeps its owner alive by killing others (talk about a ‘killer house’); a psychologically housebound ex-scientist whose desire for purity wastes him away; a couple in a shambles of a house turning buried remains into a bone-dog kept in the attic; a man with a familiar face in a shack with lead pipes; and Bluebeard’s neighbor watching the police search for evidence of murder in the killer’s house.”


  • The Death Trap, by Neil Williamson
  • The Adoptee Tells Her Story (poem), by Shoshauna Shy   
  • Unnatural Summer, by Devan Barlow
  • Bluebeard’s Neighbor (poem), by Jennifer Crow
  • A Visitation, by Christopher Yusko
  • Ted in the Mirror (poem), by E. Martin Pedersen
  • The Shambles, by Morgan Delaney
  • Slipped (poem), by Patricia Russo
  • Art: John and Flo Stanton