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Not One of Us #73

Published January 2023

Theme: Urban/Rural

“Welcome to our urban/rural issue. We have an urban legend and a city with a mind of her own, a family visit to a country horror and little lying gods in a backwater swamp. Our poets speak of the black between neon, dark devouring light, and being invisible to those who breathe.”


  • The Family Visit, by Mackenzie Hurlbert
  • In Memoriam (poem), by Yuliia Vereta
  • Sawhands, by Rob Francis
  • Exposure (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • The Mind of the City Is Her Own, by Alexandra Seidel
  • Nothing Holy About It (poem), by Kent Kruse
  • Little Lying Gods, by Matthew McConkey
  • Notes From Forever Ago (poem), by Gerri Leen
  • Art: John Stanton (cover); Flo and John Stanton