About Legacy Literary Services

When you have the desire to write, in an ideal world, you’ll have a friend, a family member, or at least someone in your neighborhood who is an experienced writer to give you pointers.  The reality is that most would-be writers are pretty much on their own, and the opinions they receive from family and friends might not be helpful.  That’s were we come in.

If you’re just starting out, or a junior writer or a young adult writers career…

We offer guidance and a critique of your work.  You may not know how to market your work adequately.  Our advice might simply be to keep doing what you’re doing and it’s just a matter of time before you succeed.  On the other hand, your technical skills might be weak, undermining your chances of being published.  We want to point you in the right direction.  Keep in mind that writing is not like sports.  If you don’t have what it takes to make it professionally at twenty, you will not succeed.  Any weak writing skills can be strengthened.  We’ll help you find your footing.

If your a professional who needs material vetted…

You’re trying to get ahead in your field and your primary interest is in your career.  Writing is an adjunct to that career.  You can have great ideas but your presentation might be lacking and you can’t attract an editor’s interest.  You may not have the time to learn how to write professionally and in the meantime, that book of yours is just sitting there.  Well, how about sitting there and editing your material into a legacy about which you and an agent can be proud?  We can improve upon a book being prepared to sent out to agents.  We can also help with marketing advice.  If English is not your first language, we will still work with you to polish a manuscript.

If you’re a senior…

It generally takes years to establish a writing career.  We can save you time you don’t have.  Your ambitions might be modest, like an item in a nostalgia publication.  You might have a family history written and you want it to be a polished as it can be to leave the proper legacy.  We can help you craft a great book that will be read years from now.

About Us

Laura Osborne

I have been published for twenty years, consulting in writing groups ad acquiring invaluable information at writers’ conferences and seminars of all types.  I have written and edited an dic five-part novel series rich in spiritual and moral codes.  The book one feature film script was a competition finalist.  The pride of my collection, an article targeted at siblings of individuals with autism appeared in a national publication, The Advocate of the Autism Society.  One of my recent edits, Are We our Past Lives? by Marie Gates is recommended in the Psychology section of Amazon Books.  My competitive spirit makes me expect the very best of my work and yours.  I am dedicated to thought provoking prose, and a New York literary agent called my writing “fresh, lucid, and engaging.”  I believe that anyone can become a good writer if they can sit for at least the requisite three hours a day!


  • National Writers Union
  • International Women’s Writing Guild
  • Women in Film
  • Grub Street Writers
  • AARP
  • American Christian Fiction Writers

Areas of Main Interest

  • Fiction
    • Mainstream
    • Memoir
    • Literary romance
    • Historical romance
    • Contemporary issues
    • Spiritual/Religious
  • Nonfiction
    • op/ed
    • Cookbooks
    • Opera
    • Dance, yoga, aerobics
    • Travel
    • The ’80s era

Anke Kriske

I’ve been writing for a good thirty years, and I was a writing instructor for Long Ridge in Connecticut for 20 years.  I have had a novel published and over a hundred sort stories and various articles.  My husband and I have been small press publishers for about twenty years, first with Doppelgänger and now Not One of Us..  I am an autism activist since my second son has autism.

Areas of Interest

  • Career coaching—this was my biggest stumbling block when starting out.  It took me five years to be published, and I could have easily taken two years out of that if I had the right advice.  I’m also very interesting in marketing because that is everyone’s stumbling block. Here’s an important tip:   If you’re writing, you need to go to conventions.
  • Most areas of fiction, other than war
  • Nonfiction
  • Medical material, especially alternative medicine
  • Shamanism
  • True Crime
  • Disability issues
  • Herbalism

Karl Benson

Proofreading and website development.

Lucille Kelly

Retired Polaroid Corporation engineer involved in writing/editing as a lifetime integration.

Paul Osborne

Graduate of Boston College with a degree in English education, particular interests in nonfiction historical and poetry.