Day Two- Anniversary Weekend

The 40th wedding anniversary is ruby, and I know I am last-minute here, but I decided to go to CVS and just get Paul a gift card or two. No, neither card was red, but I had to take care of that so I spotted a beautiful red gift bag just big enough for the three red-packaged bags of really nice, fancy candy I had just slipped into my carriage. I didn’t forget myself. Red Swedish Fish will always do. I did offer him a couple! The ivory majestic roses trimmed with red are starting to open- just gorgeous! Paul is feeling achy, so I sent him to bed early because tomorrow is the big day. And, of course, I’ll say a few extra prayers- for him and the rest of the world.

Oh- I’m off to watch Born Wild: The Next Generation on ABC. Talk to you tomorrow. Love, kisses, and stay safe.