Why I Thank God Daily

Every day I start with four prayers, the first to always thank the Lord for the many blessings He has bestowed upon me.

I thank Him that I am able to get out of bed, walk, talk, and dance.

I thank God for the love and caring of my friends and family, and for a very special community. As they say, it takes a village, and, yes, it really does.

The Lord has given us tremendous beauty everywhere. In the morning glory, it was the brilliant colors of autumn, making my way from south to north. I have never been happier gazing upon these all-encompassing gifts of nature. The afternoon surprised me with a new friend and associate. The night brought the perfect meal under the stars and mini lights of an outdoor restaurant tent with the most important person in my life. The glow of a lit candle can inspire me, like God’s light every second He renews my spirit.

I smile when I think about the way He makes me work for my blessings. I may not be granted a wish immediately, but I know that those daily prayers lead me up the mountain to a happy and healthy life. Every addition of an ingredient, a stir of the contents, and a serve to the table of selectance proves to Him that I am thanking Him with every step I take.

With the other three prayers, I see a lighted cross, a new baby being born instead of a life ended, and finally, I see God’s plan for me in motion.

Thank you, Lord, for your every-day presence in my life.