Pro-Lifers Do Sympathize

A full year has gone by since I have been able to publish on my nice website, and I do hope I can garner your attention which is more important than ever. The latest good news of the time sent me chomping at the bit to reach out.

Let me be clear- I am thrilled with the outcome of Roe v. Wade. Many good soldiers have worked very hard to right a wrong.

And make no mistake about it- abortion is wrong.

I know you’re not going to want to read further, but please bear with me.

Instead of going on and on and boring you with a long narrative, I just have one question for all those who are unhappy with the outcome of Roe.

If you became pregnant, do you think you would really, truthfully want to abort a beautiful, sweet little girl? Or a cute, little bruiser of a boy? Think hard before you answer. Take time. Think some more. Think forward. Think backward to when you were part of a family and your mother gave birth to a brother or sister. Think about how much it meant to you. Think of what a joy a human life can be to you and others outside of your family. Think of the generations to come and how an intelligent human being can contribute to history in some way. Think of the positives and let me hear from you.

I know of many women who wished they had done the right thing. You might just be the individual someone is relying on for her decision. Wouldn’t you be the proudest person to have lent support to a healthy newborn? Think about that. Have you thought? Or do you simply want to be part of a movement to be noticed for the first time in your unnoticed life? Be thoroughly honest. You’re good. You deserve to right a wrong.

I have seen the many signs, “My Body, My Choice.” But, when a woman is pregnant, it is no longer just her body. She is carrying another life. Shouldn’t the other life have a choice, too?

Please- I want to hear from you. Thank you.